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Mary, Find Your Way

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Mary, Find Your Way
Words and Music by David Michael Miller
Strings by Richie English

A memory of our day, behind your thin lace veil,
You were mine but not quite mine,
Slow waltz down the aisle, an eternity inhaled,
I waited for a breath to find.

Mary, Mary, Mary,
Find your way to me.

You're here but somewhere else walking silent through this haze,
You are mine but not quite mine,
My lips part to speak, the words flutter and fade,
But I hope will comfort and guide.


You might be lost to the tides in your oceans,
You might be trapped under northeastern frost,
But no one can measure the depth of our treasure,
That hides but can never be lost.

You might be tied to the fear at your bedside,
You might be frozen by oncoming lights,
But know, I'm not panicked by oncoming traffic,
Or the road stretching far out of sight.