1. Shoes To Shine

From the recording Same Soil

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Drums: Josh Miller
Bass: Nick Peterson
Fender Rhodes and B-3 : Jim Ehinger
Saxophone: Barry Arbogast
Vocals and Guitars: David Michael Miller


Shoes To Shine
by David Michael Miller

Stepped to a jukejoint south of the Kentucky line, Two old men sipping moonshine,
Vinyl is skippin on a sweet BB line, Lucille, just singing so fine.
Say “old man someday you'll be spinning mine”, He smiled as he tossed me a dime,
"Son, you got some shoes to shine."

One Sunday morning, Spirit woke me at 9, Still didn't make church on time,
Preacher was howlin to the old organ grind, That old time groove hit my spine,
“Preacher if this here musics so divine, Let me bring on up an offering of mine”,
He says, "Son you got some shoes to shine"

Hope there's a lesson, cuz I'm learning mine, I'd better pay my dues right on time,
Man I got some shoes to shine