From the recording Same Soil

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Lyrics and Music by David Michael Miller
Dedicated to Anita West, DJ artist from Buffalo, NY .. perhaps the last DJ

Drums/Percussion, Tenor Banjo, and Victrola: Mike Brown
Kee Bass and Keyboards: Jim Ehinger
Vocals and Guitars: David Michael Miller


Needle To The Wheel
by David Michael Miller

Boston west to Buffalo, make a home, a garden grows,
The last DJ, she spun, she sowed, Needle to the Wheel.

Who knew the garden soon would bring, Little bird with broken wing,
Tried to teach them both to sing, Needle to the Wheel.

Needle to the Wheel,
Spin and spin each groove to feel,
Needle to the Wheel,
Turn the table, tune to heal,
Needle to the Wheel

Heavier than he could bare, He couldn't hear the music there,
Petals fall and speakers tear, Needle to the Wheel.

Left to tend the garden lone, Little bird one day had flown,
Songs of sorrow overgrown, Needle to the Wheel.

The sweetest melody she heard, In the garden there with her,
The song of that sweet little bird, Needle to the Wheel.