1. Memphis Belle

From the recording Poisons Sipped

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Lead Vocal and Electric Guitar: David Michael Miller
Drums: Carlton Campbell
Bass: Daric Bennett
Pedal Steel: Chuck Campbell
Backup Vocals: Serena Young, Jasmine Neeley, Ashely Brown
Keys: Jim Ehinger


Memphis Belle
Words and Music by David Michael Miller

You were waiting like a bride unveiled, dressed in a color deep off-white,
Your beauty chilled my skin, when I drove that trailer in to town
Down on Beale you sang your history to me, took my breath like a southern winter storm,
I knew you had a past, and its story cast a shadow on your gown

Memphis Belle, Memphis Belle,
You soothe like heaven but you hurt like hell,
Show me your soul, save mine as well,
My long lost Memphis Belle.

Now you have to hustle to pay the bills, play your game by the neon lights,
But at the Four Way meal, the patrons seem to feel your heart is good.
So call me through the smoke and gin,
Let me stand where all your lovers shared the mic,
Like a siren draw me in, let your blues begin to move me like it should.