UDPATE: Mary passed in March of 2019 and Bruce found his way to her June of 2020.  May their love bloom eternal.

Over a year ago I was introduced to a very special person, Bruce Moser.  Before I got the chance to meet his lovely wife Mary, she had a horrible accident and has been in a coma every since.  The first time I met her was as my wife and I played music for her at the care facility.  I had never been around someone who was in that state and when we began to play music, her foot twitched and there seemed to me to be an obvious response.  We were completely taken back.  She was present.  No matter what any doctor could have told me in that moment, Mary was there and receiving.  The line jumped into my head "Mary, Mary, Mary . .find your way to me."  After talking with Bruce and our mutual friend, Anita West, they confirmed the experience and that she was "just underneath."  I wrote a song for Bruce and Mary soon after and would like to share it in the hopes that we can raise money together for her continued treatment and recovery.  Richie English graciously arranged the strings and Brian Moore of Redbooth Recording did the mix.  


On July 17th, 2013, Mary Moser suffered a tragic fall resulting in major brain trauma, leaving her in a non-medically induced coma since thereafter. Please join us in raising money to cover the cost of her extensive medical costs.