From the recording Poisons Sipped

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Lead Vocal and Electric Guitar: David Michael Miller
Drums: Carlton Campbell
Bass: Daric Bennett
Backup Vocals: David Michael Miller, Jesse Miller
Keys and Organ: Jesse Miller
Saxophone: Barry Arbogast
Trumpets: Stephen Jacob Mclean Jr.


Hope Finds a Way
Words and Music by David Michael Miller

You been chip, chipping away at this forest of mine
Stealing the grains of my sands of time
Enough of your same tired stories and sad old lines

You been blocking the road to my promised land
Increasing my load with your greedy hands
Desire and regret both bury but love will stand

Hope finds a way in a life worth living
And blesses each day with somewhere, somehow
Hope finds a way in a life worth giving
To the here and now

You been knocking me down with my walking cane
Silence my sounds with a mouth of blame
But I'm gonna sing for glory and dance the same