1. Carolina Bound

From the recording Poisons Sipped

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Lead Vocal and Electric Guitar: David Michael Miller
Drums: Carlton Campbell
Bass: Daric Bennett
Lap Steel: Darick Campbell
Backup Vocals: Serena Young, Jasmine Neeley
Keys and Organ: Jim Ehinger


Carolina Bound
Words and Music by David Michael Miller

Its too hard to breath these days
It ain't just the ghost of winters chill
February memories stealing air

My indiscretions on display
And everywhere you look they fill
Till we're blind and trembling

One thing we can do is take a southbound lane
Give our eyes something new, hearts a rest from the pain
Let the wheels go round, Carolina bound

Spot pretty houses behind the trees
Let's count the plates we drive on by
And let's grow sweeter memories with the spring

Watch the sun rise from the sea
Walk a beach thats long and wide
Cuz we need sweeter memories