1. Once

From the recording Poisons Sipped

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Lead Vocal and Electric Guitar: David Michael Miller
Drums: Carlton Campbell
Bass: Daric Bennett
Backup Vocals: Serena Young, Jasmine Neeley
Keys and Organ: Jesse Miller
Saxophone: Jason Moynihan
Trumpets: Stephen Jacob Mclean Jr.


Words and Music by David Michael Miller

Nevermind, I knew the way, Walking blind I fell away
Right into the ditch I dug one day
Shook it off and laughed a bit, But there I stood and here I sit
Stumbled on the shoes of myself and they sure done fit
Crumbling the pride in me, crumblin, rebuilding me

Just Once
Once I thought I was a wise man, I was mistaken
Once I thought I was a strong man, My back was breakin
Once I thought I was a rich man, Then all was taken

Then I rose and angry man Fist was closed to helping hands
If anyone can climb the walls I can,
Straining hard with all my might, Popping veins to reach the light
Lost my grip and slipped back in my night
Weakening the pride in me, weakening, strengthening me

Built my stairs to paradise, bought the farm, I bought it twice,
All I saw was all I had for my price
Then the fire all burned my wood and then the thieves all stole my goods
Cupboards bare and empty hands I stood
Starving the pride in me, starving, feeding me