1. Extraordinary

From the recording Poisons Sipped

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Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitar: David Michael Miller
Drums: Carlton Campbell
Bass: Daric Bennett
Keys and Organ: Jesse Miller Trumpets Stephen Jacob: Mclean Jr.


Words and Music by David Michael Miller

At the end of the day, It's safe to say
He's led an ordinary life
Hero by day, Villain by night
One foot in shadows, One in light

So torn at the seam, So often he screamed
Thinking with ordinary thoughts
Some are like dreams, Faded and lost
Some were redeemed, And some have cost

Regret on his lips, The poisons he sipped
Breathing with ordinary lungs
And fell til he tripped, And swallowed his tongue
And mouths full of praises, Only stung

And brought to his knees, With petitions and pleas
Touching with ordinary hands
Till all that you see, Is all that still stands
Simply an ordinary man

Who will save him now?
He's not what he means, And He's not who he want to be
Who will save him know as only a savior can?

The way that she loves, the man that she sees
Is something extraordinary